Alaska Appellate Courts
Case Management System

User Help: Overall Statuses


The following overall case statuses are used in the appellate case management system:

Filing Pending The court has opened a file even though the party may not yet have submitted all the required initial pleadings.
Petition Response Pending A petition has been properly filed and a response to the petition is pending.
Petition Ready for Decision The petition and all responses have been properly filed, thus the petition is ready for decision by the court.
Awaiting Record The case has been properly filed, but the trial court record has not yet been received.
Awaiting Transcript The case has been properly filed, but the transcript has not yet been received.
Briefing Stage One or more of the parties have yet to file their brief, memorandum, or response.
Awaiting Assignment Briefing is completed; case ready for assignment.
Awaiting Argument Briefing and screening by central staff are completed; oral argument has been requested but not yet held.
Awaiting Conference A court conference on the case needs to be held.
Ripe for Decision Briefing is completed and, if it was requested, oral argument has been held.
Draft Circulating This status covers the time period from the date the assigned judge issues an initial draft, through any and all conferences, until the court finally approves a draft.
Draft Approved This status covers the time period from the court's approval of the draft, through technical review and proofreading, until the opinion is issued.
Opinion Issued The court has issued an opinion, but the case remains open because the time for filing a petition for rehearing (or a petition for hearing from a Court of Appeals decision ) has not yet expired.
Rehearing Pending A petition for rehearing has been filed and is under consideration. If the petition is denied the case will be held open for another 15 days to allow the parties to file a petition for hearing to the Supreme Court.
Closed Opinion issued, AND either (a) the time for seeking rehearing and/or hearing has expired, or (b) all petitions for rehearing and/or hearing have been decided, AND the opinion does not require the case to remain open. (A case will remain open if the appellate court remands the case to the trial court for renewed proceedings but retains jurisdiction over the case, so that the appellate court can review the trial court's findings on remand.)
Remanded, Jurisdiction Retained The court has remanded the case to the trial court but has retained jurisdiction over the case and will ultimately decide the case after the proceedings on remand are completed.
Lodged 919 - Application Pending AS 9.19.010-100 - Application for exemption of filing fee pending. Appeal cannot be filed until fee paid.
Lodged 919 - Fee Payment Pending AS 9.19.010-100 - Payment of full or exempted fee is pending. Appeal cannot be filed until fee paid.
Closed 919 - Never Filed AS 9.19.010-100 - Lodged appeal/petition never opened because filing fee was not paid.