Alaska Appellate Courts
Case Management System

User Help: Briefs Statuses


The following brief statuses are used in the appellate case management system:

Due The status of a brief is "due" as long as the due date has not been passed or the brief was not received early.
Past A brief’s status is automatically set to "past" if it is not received by the due date.
212 Pending The status of a brief automatically becomes "212 Pending" when it is received.
212 Failed The status of a brief is automatically set to "212 Failed" if it fails a Rule 212 check.
Lodged The user should set a brief’s status to lodged only if the 212 check is successfully completed, but a motion to allow a later filed brief has not yet been ruled upon.
Printing Due The status of a brief after a 212 check has been successfully completed will automatically be set to "Printing Due." (The user should override to "lodged" if a motion is pending.)
Complete The status should be set to "Complete" after the printed briefs are delivered.
Rejected The status should be set to "Rejected" if the brief is so deficient that it is rejected or it is so late that it is not allowed.